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About the Summer Enrichment Program

  • The AIIP Summer Enrichment Program is designed to help American Indian students gain exposure to the diverse aspects of the field of psychology through research, clinical, and educational activities. The program consists of three components: 
    1. Research: participants work with faculty and graduate students in the clinical, counseling, school, and lifespan developmental (experimental) psychology programs on psychological research projects.
    2. Clinical: participants visit several tribal healthcare or social services agencies to see first hand what psychologists, social workers, and other professionals who provide direct services to Indian peoples do.
    3. Professional Development: participants attend weekly seminars on subjects ranging from ethics to research design to tribal law. Guest speakers from around the state and the nation are brought in to lecture and discuss with participants about topics relative to American Indian Psychology.
  • The program is held for four weeks each summer through the month of June. After a day of orientation to the program, participants typically spend weekdays satisfying the research and clinical components of the program and Saturday mornings on professional development.
  • The program also provides a variety of cultural experiences including tours of several Indian Nations around the state of Oklahoma, Powwows, and other exposures to Native arts and cultures.
  • Participants are given living stipends and on-campus housing is available.

Application Information

  • Applicants for the AIIP  Summer Enrichment program must meet the following requirements:
    1. Must be enrolled in a federally recognized tribe.
    2. Must hold a Bachelor's or Master's degree in psychology, counseling or related fields
    3. Or be an undergraduate working toward a degree in Psychology or related fields with interest in graduate study.
  • Click here to access and download the AIIP Summer Enrichment Program Application in PDF format.
  • Applications for the Summer Enrichment Program are due April 15 of each year. If you are eligible for AIIP summer enrichment program and/or interested in more information, send inquiries to:

John M. Chaney, Ph.D., Director
Department of Psychology
109 Psychology Building Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone: (405) 744-6113
email: aiip@okstate.edu